Melissa Harrell, Ph.D. - Birth and Postpartum Doula

About Me

Melissa Harrell, Ph.D.
Birth and Postpartum Doula

My interest in birth began while pregnant with my first daughter in 2007 and I completed my CAPPA doula training in 2018. My first daughter was born via c-section and I had a natural birth with my second daughter. So, I have soft spots in my heart for first time mamas, c-section mamas, all natural mamas, and VBAC mamas. I believe my purpose in life is supporting women as they become mothers. I would be honored to support you however you choose to give birth.

I am passionate about integrating heart, mind, and body in everything I do. That is reflected in my birth work as well as the rest of my life. In addition to being a doula, I also work as a researcher and I teach dance, yoga, and mindfulness. I am an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist at Google, conducting research on happiness, health, and productivity. I use my experience as a researcher to understand current birth-related studies and evidence based practice. Fortunately, my work at Google is flexible and allows me to be on-call for birth work. I also teach Search Inside Yourself (a mindfulness program developed at Google) and yoga at Ease Mountain Yoga. I integrate my yoga and meditation experience into my doula work to support you -- heart, mind, and body.

My husband and I live in Felton, CA and have two daughters who are 6 and 11. We live with our dog Lucy, cat Hazel, and 10 hens.

Guiding Beliefs

  • I believe in you and your body.
  • I believe in the power of your voice.
  • I believe there is space for both intuition and science.
  • I believe you are the expert on what is best for you and your baby.
  • I believe that everyone deserve doula support.
  • I believe being a doula is my life’s purpose.